What are Hyper-V checkpoints?

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Windows Hyper-V technology has included the ability to create checkpoints for VMs since Hyper-V 2012 R2. These checkpoints use saved state technology to create a point-in-time that a VM may be... MORE

I just can’t help myself. I guess you could say I’m addicted to Chocolatey :) . As I’ve said in earlier posts, I began my career developing software on the Unix operating system – back before... MORE

What about Chocolatey – Part 2?

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In my last post, we reviewed installing the Chocolatey package management framework, so now let’s use choco to install a package. You can use choco to search for a keyword or string in its... MORE

What about Chocolatey – Part 1?

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I mentioned in a prior post that I would write about the Chocolatey package manager and the neat software management it provides for Windows, so here we go. Chocolatey was the initial framework... MORE

I’ve been researching the new features of PowerShell 5.0, and I love the OneGet module. It provides a set of cmdlets which allow you to quickly and easily manage the applications installed on your... MORE

I recently setup the Windows 10 Technical Preview as a guest VM on my Hyper-V host. The entire process including the download of the ~ 3GB .ISO file over my over-burdened download pipe took less than... MORE

What’s new in Windows 10?

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Microsoft preaches productivity with their announcement and preview of the new Windows 10 client, which is available for download if you are willing to sign up for their Insider program. With this... MORE

This is part two of a review of the new and updated features in Windows Server Technical Preview which are related to Hyper-V and virtualization. Part one can be found here. Rolling Hyper-V... MORE

Microsoft has released a technical preview of the new Hyper-V Server/Windows 10 release this fall. There are several areas of new or changed functionality. In this 2-part blog post, I’ll highlight... MORE

Monitoring with DSC?

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Continuing exploration of uses of the PowerShell 4.0 feature, Desired State Configuration (DSC), let’s explore how to use DSC to monitor files and folders. In this example, I want check to see if... MORE

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