Why Unitrends now uses tiered flash (solid state) storage in our backup appliances Unitrends recently announced and has begun shipping its third-generation of physical backup appliances. One of the... MORE

In Windows Server 2012 (and R2), Microsoft released the Scale Out File Server (SOFS) feature. SOFS provides highly available file-based storage for applications and general use, and they are... MORE

I had a wonderful telephone call with a prospective buyer today who was very concerned with potential worst-case security scenarios. After getting all of the easy questions out of the way, we began... MORE

In 2004, we created the All-in-One, purpose built backup appliance market. In 2009, we changed the way the industry approached the market with our No Limits pricing. In 2015, we’re revolutionizing... MORE

KVP And Hyper-V Integration Services

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In a previous post, I talked about the new method now available for certain VMs running on a Windows Technical Preview or Windows 10 host. The list of supported guest OSs has grown: Windows... MORE

Unitrends: Who We Are

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Who We Are The Why, How, and What of Unitrends Why Unitrends exists to make information technology administrators’ lives better. This is our passion — our reason for being. We serve... MORE

Just before Thanksgiving, MSFT’s face of the Windows Insider program and communications for the Windows 10 Builds announced via Twitter the availability of Build 9879 for Slow-ringers and HotFix... MORE

The initial beta release of Windows 10 and even the first update – Builds 9841 and 9860 – were relatively stable and considered a success as Beta software goes. Build 9879, however, doesn’t... MORE

Hyper-V Replica with Backup

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In the last post in this series (way back in 2014!) we discussed whether Hyper-V replica should be used as an alternative to backup? The answer was that there were a number of drawbacks to using... MORE

If you have been running Hyper-V hosts with a variety of guest VM operating systems, you probably have experienced the hassle of installing and updating the Integration Services for your guests.... MORE

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