Adding Virtual Disks to Hyper-V VMs

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One of the nice features about Hyper-V virtualized environments is the flexibility with which you can manage disk space. In one of my earlier blog posts, entitled "Onward to... MORE

Should I Backup My Hyper-V Host? – Part 1

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There are numerous campaigns circulating the internet these days on the merits and best practices dealing with data protection and virtualized environments. While there are tons... MORE

What’s New in VMware vSphere 6.0? – Part 1

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I thought that it would be a good idea that I do a post on what’s new in VMware’s latest major increment of vSphere. This is part 1 of several posts where I’ll be looking... MORE

Redefining Availability Options with VMware vSphere 6

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Announced in February of 2015 and made generally available just last week, VMware vSphere 6 comes with some long awaited features that deliver innovations in the field of... MORE

“Build, ship and run any app, anywhere.” That’s the simple promise from Docker, which is credited with popularizing the idea of software containers a couple of years ago. Many have taken the... MORE

Ah 2003. George W. Bush was president, 50 Cent was topping the charts and Microsoft rolled out Windows Server 2003. On July 14, though, the product’s long run will end as Microsoft yanks... MORE

Data Backup: Then and Now

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Data storage and backup goes back to 1951 when the first generation of digital computing made use of rotating magnetic drums (for internal data storage) and punch cards (for external storage). Punch... MORE

WHAT IS IT? Unitrends Free Backup Software is a community-based free offering that protects VMware vSphere licensed environments as well as Microsoft Hyper-V environments. It protects up to 1TB of... MORE

What do you do when your data is kidnapped? According to a 2014 UK research study, 41% of ransomware victims were more than willing to cave in to the demands of ransom-takers than lose their... MORE

Free As In Beer – And Backup

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Free is good, right? Well – not particularly. Free is good when the value of what you’re getting is awesome. When someone offers “free infinite backup” and you find out that it’s all... MORE

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