Cloud Cost Comparison Calculator

Cloud Cost Comparison Calculator : Unitrends vs Amazon and Google

Many organizations have recognized that cloud based backup is a superior solution for storing copies of backups for long term retention and disaster recovery.

Data is growing exponentially and with the cloud storage cost per GB for as low as 1 cent per month with some hyper-scale cloud vendors, that may seem like your most affordable option.  And, for some customers it is the right option, which is why Unitrends supports archiving backup copies to Amazon and Google cloud as a standard feature.

But when you add network egress fees, data retrieval fees, and the compounding storage of data for long term retention, your total costs may shock you.  Additional factors such as the ability to get you data back quickly may not be so obvious but can be just as costly to your business.

Unitrends Forever Cloud is a purpose build cloud for backup and recovery, designed to securely and cost effectively retain your backup copies for an infinite amount of time.  Forever Cloud is priced at 10 cents per GB per month. Therefore a common question is how can Forever Cloud be cost effective compared to Google and Amazon at 1 cent.

Forever Cloud is purpose built for data protection and recovery and therefore has a number of features and benefits that are simply unavailable with the general purpose hyper-scale cloud.   However, the main reason Forever Cloud can be more cost effective is the difference in what you pay for.  With Forever Cloud, you only pay for the amount of data you want to protect, not for the amount of raw cloud storage that is consumed.  Regardless of your daily change rate or other factors that affect how much raw cloud storage is used, your cloud backup expense stays the same.    With other cloud solutions, you pay for each GB used in the cloud.  As your backups grow over time, so does your bill.  Also, Unitrends never charges fees for retrieving your data or network egress, which can also increase your bill.

The calculator below can help you understand the cost comparison of Unitrends Forever Cloud vs. Google or Amazon.  Plug in your own numbers for your use case and see how cost effective Unitrends can be and how 10 cents can actually be less expensive than 1 cent for your backups.

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